Saturday, October 29, 2011

Heading Home - July 25, 2011

It has been a wonderful trip. I thank Juel for giving me this opportunity. I thank my children for making it become real. I thank God for the beautiful land of Alaska.

Coming into Seattle...

Leaving Seattle...

Then it got too dark to take any more pictures. We saw the lights of many small and large cities as we flew east. We saw a grand show of lightning. Luckily it was somewhat in the distance so it could be enjoyed.

I arrived in Chicago at O'Hare too late to catch the last bus to Janesville. I tried to find a comfy place to sleep, but never managed to. I found one coffee shop open in the middle of the night, so I had some juice and a muffin and then waited for my bus.

I caught the early morning bus and arrived back home in Janesville, Wisconsin around 8 am. 

Hope you have enjoyed following my adventure.

Last Day in Ketchikan - July 24, 2011

S.Higgins Pt.
 About the biggest waves we saw.
 This picture is what I thought of Alaska before I came to Ketchikan...the fishing boat, the waves, the grey day.
 The beach was covered with these shells.


 More driftwood. Notice how the tides have eroded away at the soil/roots.

 This unfortunate crab was long gone. He was even dried out, so I brought him home.

Since I am leaving tomorrow, I didn't dare bring this one even though he was dead. I was afraid he might smell if I tried packing him.

 There was no one around to go with this car...deserted?? Made me think of a good scene for a mystery.

 Heading south into Ketchikan. Those are some pretty ominous clouds.

Herring Cove -- my choice spot to be on my last night in Alaska!
 One of the zipline platforms.

 Proud eagle. You can see the zipline cables in the background.

 Some people up on one of the zipline platforms.

 Eagle soaring over Herring Cove.

 Momma Bear and a couple cubs.

Going fishing for salmon.

 Still looking.
 Spotted one or going in for a closer look.

 Got one!

This cub became separated from Momma.

 He crossed the creek.

 Crossing the creek.

 On the other side, he looks back. Looking for Momma?

Dream on!  You will never catch him, Little Bear.

 Recrossing the stream.

 ...and there is Momma Bear.

 Back together, but he didn't stay close. He kept wandering off. He is way off to the left.

 People came walking out on the boardwalk. They had to pay good money to "see the bears." If only they knew they could watch from the other side for FREE. And we could stay as long as we wanted. I think we had much better "seats."

To cross or not to cross?


 The bears started to leave the area around the boardwalk.

 Kingfisher...for Kyle!

 The eagles are constantly soaring overhead. It is hard to get a good picture though.

Guy on the zipline.

 This guy doesn't quite have the right form.  I can't laugh because I know how easy it is to get twisted and how hard it is to regain control. I have the cable burns on my arm to prove it.

I could watch these soaring eagles for hours and never get tired of it. They are so awesome!

 Good form!

 The eagles are always watching.

The ravens were chasing the eagle.

 A young eagle.

 Trying to look scary?

 Got another one!
 The eagle is swooping in hoping to share.
 Look how high up that zipline is.

Face off!

Good-bye, Herring Cove. Good-bye, Bears and Eagles!

Back in Ketchikan and looking at the fish ladder on Ketchikan Creek.
One of my disappointments was not seeing any salmon using this. The salmon never did have a good run.

Tomorrow I head for home.