Saturday, October 29, 2011

Herring Cove - More Bears & Eagles - July 23, 2011

We couldn't stay away from Herring Cove and the opportunity to see more bears and eagles. We went here as often as we could. 

 This is Momma Bear. It gives you an idea of how close we were at times. The bears would come up from the creek, which is to the left. They would cross this road and go into the forest to the right. We were all close to our cars and it would have been a mad scramble if Momma Bear decided to come our way.

 But she just gives us a look and moves on into the forest. 

 This is Momma Bear in the forest with her cub.
 Momma Bear is nursing her cub.

Momma Bear is nursing her cub just inside the forest, right in front of this car. Our cars are parked on the other side of the road.

 Another view of Momma Bear and her cub.

 They finished nursing and walked further up the mountain and into the woods.

 This is the creek flowing into the ocean. It is high tide. At low tide we had walked all the way to the point of the trees and watched the salmon fishermen.

 At first we thought these were seals. Turned out to be scuba divers.

This eagle appeared to be injured as he just laid on the rocks and when he did move it was very awkward. We made several phone calls to report this. We had to go down the road a bit before we could even get a signal. Some people came out. They agreed he looked injured. They went to the owners of the property (the zipline and bear watch). They were told that they knew about this eagle. It has a club foot and they get regular reports about him, but that he seems to get along just fine.

 Some seals did finally appear and entertain us for awhile.

 The birds in the trees are all eagles.

 Another view of Herring Cove. The injured eagle is on a rock in the center of the picture. The boardwalk where we see all the eagles sitting while we watch bears is on the right. We would be watching from the other side of the creek. This is part of the bridge that crosses Herring Creek. The pictures above of the high tide area were taken to the left where the creek runs out into the ocean.

 Just one of the MANY eagles.

More of the eagles.

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