Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Potlatch Park - June 25, 2011

Today we decided to head north and visit Potlatch Park by Totem Bight Historical Park. When we were last up there we did not have time to visit this area. So we took the bus north...

Grandchildren...This is a telephone booth and a close-up of the phone. These use to be very common around towns in Wisconsin, but they have all disappeared. It is like a step back in time. Alaska is a quieter place, slower least here in Ketchikan. This phone booth is located at the bus stop by Totem Bight.

The path from Totem Bight to Potlatch Park. Everything is so green and lush...and quiet.

The Trading Post was closed. We learned it was because there was only one cruise ship in today. Everything around here centers on the tourists and the cruise ships. The bookstore at Totem Bight was not opened either and we really wanted to see it.

 Juel is taking a picture of the totem pole.

This picture is the same building as the previous one, but it almost looks warped. But the "warp" is actually the shape of the building. The logs being different in size and the angle from which I took this picture, make it look off.

Can you see the raven, bear, and beaver in this totem? The raven is often found at the top as he is so important in the legends. He can be identified by his beak which is straight. Next is the bear eating the fish. The beaver is easy to identify because of his buck teeth and flat tail.

 Another quiet path.

Entrance to Potlatch Park.

The park is filled with totem poles. They are so interesting and I am anxious to start learning more of the history and the story/legends of each.

A larger view of the park. Around this canoe display there were wolf carvings hiding in the brush.

One of the five wolves I saw.

The buildings are all so beautifully decorated.

Down by the water - Tongass Narrows. There was some new carving going on here...

Juel resting down near the Tongass Narrows. I explored the rocks and collected a few. I know I will probably have to sort my collection and pick my favorites by the time to go home...or leave some of my clothes. I also just stood at the edge of the water and watched the tiny waves. They were small, but it was still relaxing to watch them gently splash on the rocks...

Driftwood is plentiful...large and small pieces.

Some pieces are so interesting, have such character.

Back toward the village and more totem poles and decorated buildings...

 Notice the grass growing on the roof (above) and on the log posts (below).

The barred windows allow you to see the displays inside. There are no panes in the windows. You can put your hands through and touch things. I am amazed that the displays are not more protected from visitors. 

Inside the house.

Inside the building. I think this may be whale bone...from the spinal column.

A little wooden wagon.

Notice the sun at the top of this artwork above and compare it to the different way the sun is shown in the artwork below.

The carving center was closed but we looked through the windows and could see a totem in progress (below).

A peek at Tongass Narrows through the trees...

Some flowers in the park...

For the boys who are thinking they might be game wardens so they can work with the animals. Here is a picture of the Park Ranger's truck parked near the entrance to Totem Bight.

Our bus is here...

The blue line bus takes us back into town and we get off at the library.

We wanted to catch a green line bus home. So we had to wait for a bit.

This trolley had just dropped off a complete wedding party. They took some pictures and the trolley drove off.

The Raven Stealing the Sun Totem Pole. Juel is reading the information about the pole.

Pictures off the deck at the back of the library...

Ketchikan Creek

These wonderful information cards are placed near every totem pole. It is so nice to get this information. This totem is near the library in downtown Ketchikan.

Chief Johnson Totem pole.

Flowers outside the library, near the bus stop...

Our bus arrived and we headed home after a very nice, relaxing day.