Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just walking around Ketchikan - Day 8 - June 23

Juel was off from work.  However, she had a class at The Point. So I went down to meet her when her class was over. I watched the traffic on the narrows while I waited.

Duck on the Tongass Narrows. Notice the kelp in the water.

This is the kelp like I found at Rotary Beach the other day, called bullwhip kelp.

Plane landing and skimming right passed the duck. There is so much traffic on the narrows.

Raven on the rocks.

When Juel's class was completed, we walked through the mall to find the quilt shop.  It was a crafting store rather than just a quilt shop. She found some material - no big surprise there. I also bought a couple small pieces of Alaska material. Not sure what I will do with it. I may applique it to my quilt or make a wall hanging with it. It could also be used on a scrapbook page.

Then we went to this little coffee shop for lunch. We had creamy potato soup...I had a bowl and Juel had a cup along with a half sandwich. They had a list of different breads, meats, cheeses and veggies so you could create your sandwich.

Then we caught the bus to the library and walked along Creek Street. Around the corner from Creek Street is the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Juel found a long sleeved scrubs jacket which she said she needed since she is always cold at work.

It has been a long time since I saw a telephone booth. My grandchildren may need an explanation of what this is. We also saw phone booths in the little mall we go to later this day.
We headed back up the street and crossed the bridge over Ketchikan Creek. We could look back on Creek Street and see a couple of the "girls" outside Dolly's House. 

There were several men fishing from the bridge.

Grandma posed next to this killer whale. We should have taken its picture from a better angle.  We went into this store. The lady in here was so helpful, telling us stories to go with the many wooden masks they had. Juel bought some masks for her collection.

Pictures from the mall:

This orca hangs from the ceiling even with the second level of the mall. 

Red long-johns are available for all sizes.

This is a close-up of the flap on the back of the long-johns.

Many quilts decorated the mall.  They hung in the open areas, stairs and even in windows of empty shops. This one hangs just outside the quilt shop. Of course, we spent much time in here. I got a nice piece of flannel to add to my quilt. Juel was in here MUCH longer, so I got myself some popcorn and found a place to wait and watch people.

Juel came and got the popcorn after she was "done" shopping. Of course she had to wander while she ate the popcorn and ended up back in the store and of course she can't enter a quilt shop without buying. :)

Some of the displayed quilts.

I took this picture just because I love the colors! We were walking from the mall to some other shops along the docks.

Many of the stores have the same or similar things. Here are some pictures from inside shops:

Juel loves these nested dolls from Russia.

WalMart also carries many of these same items and they are much less expensive. I may get one of those scrapbook albums for myself.

This boat was heading up The Narrows. I think it looks just perfect in this setting.

 I thought we would walk out to the end, but we got sidetracked, so what else is new? There is so much to see and it is easy to find something else to catch your eye.

A couple cruise ships.

I loved these wind chimes...but they were $100 and up. So I settled for a picture of them.

A look at the inside of a typical store.

Are you ready for Christmas? This store is all about Christmas.  Kimberly, you would love this store!

Here are a few of my favorite things in the store...

All Christmas...

Nativity in an igloo...

I love these old Santas. This one was six feet tall.

Another very nice item!
A house on the island across Tongass Narrows.

Settlers monument in downtown Ketchikan.

We met Angelina. So nice to meet this awesome Christian lady...a real God blessed encounter. The cruise ship in the background is the one Angelina had to catch back home.

We watched as this fisherman fileted their catch.

 We watched these emergency vehicles come through town. I thought of how the grandchildren run to the windows to watch whenever they hear sirens.

We were hungry and looking for a place to eat.

We went in here to ask if they served food. We were told that their cook was gone for a couple hours. But the bartender told us about a pizza place a couple doors down. So that is where we ate.

Their menu included much more than pizza. 

We had a nacho appetizer. The nachos were really good, different, like and kind of flaky with lots of good toppings.

And Juel had ...

and we had deep fried burritos. 

We watched Angelina's ship leave. We finished eating and caught the bus home.

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