Friday, June 10, 2011

Bon Voyage and Happy Birthday

Last night I was surprised with a party.  Since I will be gone for my birthday, it was a combination Bon Voyage and birthday party! It was fun.  Kyle, Kimberly, Jacob and Aaron came to join the fun and make it a party. We had cake and I got a present.  The cake was chocolate fudge...yummy! 

Kyle's family gave me a gift card to Payless as they knew I was wanting a new pair of tennis shoes.  Kimberly and I took a break from the party to run to Payless.  I tried on two pair and loved the second ones.  So now I have tennis shoes for the trip.  Juel and I were told by the couple we met at Gander Mountain last week that anyone in white tennis shoes is figured to be a tourist in Alaska.  However, I am glad to have them.  I may not wear them too much in Alaska since I got two pair of hiking boots, but I will enjoy having them.

Speaking of hiking boots, I wore one pair of them yesterday to make sure they would be comfortable for a whole day...and they were!  I will try out the other pair today.

Kyle set up Skype on my computer. Now I just have to learn how to use it. He also brought me his small (cell phone size) video camera to take along.

Juel got her camera today, so she will be playing with that. She also went and ordered new glasses and what a hassle that was! Not likely that they will arrive before we leave, so they said they would ship them to her in Ketchikan. We also went to Goodwill to do more shopping...LOL. Juel got 2 pair of jeans and a couple shirts and I got a shirt and tank top to wear under it.

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