Friday, June 3, 2011

Tickets bought!

It is official. We are going! We bought the tickets last night. I could not believe the process that was. So many options and such.

I picked Juel up at Madison airport at noon yesterday. She had been flying all night from Bethel, AK. We went shopping to find some needed items for our trip. We found a great buy at Goodwill. We each found a pair of rubber boots. 

What luck to find TWO pair in our size! I also bought a backpack at the same Goodwill. Juel said I had to get it as it had a zippered compartment with a nylon cover that pulls out to cover the backpack in case of rain. I also found a vest and two long-sleeve shirts (at a different Goodwill)....we shop the high-class stores...LOL!

When we got back to Janesville, we went to Texas Roadhouse for late lunch (it was 4 o'clock). Juel was so wanting steak since she had not had a chance to have it while she was in Bethel. We did a lot of planning while we ate.

Next we went to Gander Mountain. Juel wanted to look at rain gear and binoculars. Looking at rain gear was an older couple who had been to Ketchikan three years ago; so we did a lot of chatting with them. They were getting ready for their trip to Switzerland. Then we got quite a lesson on binoculars from a very nice salesman. He taught us about adjusting binoculars as he showed us the differences in the many ones available. Juel didn't buy a least not yet. She wants to look around for a possibly better price as we did find a pair we both really liked...Sierra (?) Military & Marine. Once you set the focus for yourself, it holds even if you look at something much further away! They were crystal clear, small and lightweight, and $229.

Next we went to Best Buy to get Juel a camera. She wants one just like mine and no store in the area has one! So she had to order it and pick it up in Rockford next week. I could not believe that they would not ship one to any other store around except Rockford! The salesclerk said it was probably due to back orders...but that doesn't make much sense to me. At least she is getting her camera. We are going to have so much fun taking pictures on this trip.

Back at our house, Juel got online to order our tickets. What a process!  We will leave on June 16th and return on August 2nd.

Juel spent the night here as it was getting late and nobody felt like the drive to take her to Jay's house.

Now it is early morning. I woke up at 5:10 and have too much on my mind to sleep.

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