Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rotary Beach - Day 5 - June 20

The day started with eagles! A great way to start a day.  I see eagles all the time as I sit in the livingroom.  They will be soaring between the water and the trees. When I went down to the Alaska Marine Ferry to get information for our hoped trip to Skagway I noticed this beautiful bird. 

The American and Alaskan flags.

I have finally learned how to read the bus schedule, which is good because I have to ride them often.  The fare is $1 a ride. However, I buy a $2 day pass that allows me to ride as much as I need for one day.  There are 3 bus lines (red, green, and blue).  Often we ride one bus going somewhere and catch another coming back.  I like to catch the green line coming home.  When the green line is heading south it leaves Tongass highway and comes up Carlanna Lake Rd. which is right by our house.  Getting off on Carlanna means we walk DOWN the hill for half a block instead of UP for a block and half.  

These pictures were taken from the bus on the way to Rotary Beach Park:

The Ketchikan airport is directly across the narrows from where we live.

This is the ferry that we took across the narrows when we first arrived.

There is always so much traffic going up and down the Narrows. 

Rotary Beach Park:

Rotary Beach at low tide.  This is all covered during high tide.  The wall was built to hold back some of the water when the tide goes out creating this large tide pool.  The children love to play along the wall on both sides.

 Hey, Boys....doesn't this look like some sort of sea monster?  Want to know what it is?

Here is another picture of it out of the water.  Maybe that will help you.

It is called bullwhip kelp. A girl on the bus, who said she was a history major and seemed to know a lot of interesting stuff, said this kelp is loved by the otters.  I just think it is pretty unusual looking.

Another look at the large tide pool.  Also see all the huge pieces of driftwood along the shore.

A tug pulling a barge up the Narrows.

A close up of the tug.

Children playing on the sea-side of the wall.


 From out on the rocks back toward the shore.

A passing ship ....

....causes waves!

Some other treasures found:

Sadly the crab was dead. Probably because it was stranded out of the water.

On the way back to Ketchikan the bus went through Saxman Totem Pole Center. Juel and I plan to go and check out the totems here.

Here is another totem in front of a business in Ketchikan:

A cruise ship leaving the harbor in Ketchikan.

One thing I learned today--unless I know for sure exactly where I am going, I need to wear my waterproof hiking boots.  I would have been much more comfortable out on the rocks and poking around the tide pools if I had not worn my sandals. I had thought I would go downtown and through some of the stores, but my plans changed.

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