Friday, June 17, 2011

Welcome to Ketchikan - It's Raining

I woke up at 4:45 this morning and it was light out!

We spent a quiet morning unpacking and organizing the house. 

The view from our deck. While it is not especially beautiful it is interesting. The airport is across The Narrows (the water) so we see lots of planes landing and taking off. We see sea planes and cruise ships on the water. 

We also see boats getting loaded with cargo. The red and yellow containers are large - about the size of the backs of semi trailers.

This is our deck. The first door goes in to our livingroom. The second door is to another apartment.

Juel's friend Ruth came after lunch to take us shopping.  We went to WalMart.  Yes! There is a WalMart in Ketchikan. It is not a superstore, so the groceries were limited.  However, what they did have was less expensive than the A&P.

The view from the WalMart here in Ketchikan is much more interesting than the interstate highway we see from the one back home in Janesville.  The clouds were hanging very low today keeping many of the mountain tops hidden from view.

This one is for "my boys." I know my grandsons will enjoy seeing this Alaskan State Patrol car that was parked in downtown Ketchikan today. 

Ruth drove us around pointing out things of interest. Then we parked and walked around downtown. Ruth (left) and Juel (right) have enjoyed meeting again. They use to work together in Fairbanks. Juel was so happy to find her here. It was misting so we were glad we purchased our rain gear.

We went to the Discovery Center. Mostly we went to get information about some of the places around the area. We did talk to a couple of the young men that worked there and got lots of interesting information. They got out maps and booklets and showed us where some of the places we had heard about were located. There was a museum about SE Alaska - its history, people, resources.  Admission was only $5, so we decided to check it out. Here are just a few of the things we saw:

Juel and I tried to make friends with this bear in case we meet any of his relatives when we go hiking.

Totem poles were made by different clans of Alaskan Natives. Each part of the pole has special meaning to the clan.

Here we see the process of preserving the salmon.  After the salmon has been cut into strips, it is hung to dry. The shed in the back is for smoking the salmon.

They had a telescope set up looking out one of the windows.  It was pointed at Deer Mountain.  They said on a clear day it is possible to see mountain goats. We hope we see some when we get into the mountains. Today, however, the top of the mountain was hidden from view.

 Mining played a big part in Alaska's history. These displays give a nice "picture" of that history.

Lumber has played an important part in Alaska's past. Forestry people are working to protect and restore Alaska's rainforest.

Juel and Ruth are leaving the Discovery Center.  We had a very interesting time here. There was so much to learn about Alaska.  We will be going back here as they have a bookstore in the lower level and we found many interesting books.  So, IF I have any money left when it is time to go home, we will be going back here.

Whale Park in downtown Ketchikan was named for its shape. If you view it from above it is shaped like a whale.

Uncle Richard -- this one is for you.  As soon as I saw that bee on these pretty flowers, I knew I had to capture its picture. I hope you enjoy it and know that I was thinking of you here in Alaska.

Creek Street is going to be a day adventure as we check it out another day.  Today we just took a quick peek. I think it is going to be fun to look at each of the unique shops as we would along the boardwalk.  But it will wait of another time.

The creek as it flows toward the ocean. This was taken from the bridge under the Creek Street sign.

Facing the other way on the bridge is a much different view. I can't wait to walk down that boardwalk and visit the past and the present of those quaint shops.

Creek Street was originally the "red light district." Dolly was the most famous "lady" of that day. I understand that at least part of this house has many of her things on display.  Another part of the past of Alaska.

Crossing guards are at many of the crosswalks in downtown Ketchikan.  When the cruise ships are in, downtown is a very busy place. Some days there are no ships and then many of the stores/businesses are closed.  Tomorrow is such a day. Since there are no cruise ships coming in one of the entertainments is going to be free. So tomorrow we will be going at noon to see it...I will tell you about it then.

One of the two cruise ships in dock today.  We watched as the travelers were returning to the ship so they can move on to their next destination. 

Ruth suggested we go to Fish Pirate Saloon for dinner.  She and Juel had the clam chowder, but I am not a fan of clams, so I had chicken strips and fries. ($10) They were delicious, but not exactly on my diet. But this is my second day without any soda.

Juel kissed the Fish Pirate good-bye before we left.  Ruth brought us home and we have been relaxing. Juel even fell asleep in the lounge chair...but don't tell her I told you.

Now it is time to get to bed as it is actually dark out. It is 10:30 and since it is very overcast, it is also very dark tonight.

The temperature is currently 49 and suppose to hit a low in the lower 40's so it is a good night for sleeping.

Good night to all my loved ones and friends who take your time to read my ramblings.


  1. The truth be told I wasn't sleeping in the recliner! I was resting my eyes!!!

  2. Looks like an awesome quilt shop, I would be so excited I wouldn't know what to buy, I could see myself in awe just looking at everything and coming out with nothing cause I didn't know what to pick, lol. Looks and sounds like your having an awesome trip!!

    Shopping in Ketchikan