Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Around Ketchikan, Bigfoot, Rotary Beach, Saxman - on a Sunny Day - July 11

The sun is shining in Ketchikan, Alaska. It is calling me to get outside and enjoy the day. I decided to revisit some places I have been before, but to see them with the sun shining on them.
 I can't get enough of the beauty of the blue sky and water!

 Raven Stealing the Sun...this totem is a favorite and one I see often as it stands right next to the library and near the entrance to Creek Street.

 Bigfoot visits Creek Street. His photographer is usually trying to get visitors to have their pictures taken with Bigfoot and he charges $10. Usually when you try to take his picture he turns away and the photographer says he is camera shy. However, today the photographer must have been trying to get some advertising shots himself because Bigfoot was posing but looking only at him. Cameras were clicking all around.

Looking up Ketchikan Creek from Creet Street Bridge. Every time I am in the area I look for salmon, but so far ...none.
But the seals are here. So I suppose there are some salmon already here or the seals wouldn't be hanging around here. This one just seemed to be enjoying the sunshine too.
This bus is a free bus. It does a 20 minute loop around downtown and is especially available for tourists coming in on the cruise ships.

Rotary Beach - south of Ketchikan

Bull Kelp is so interesting. It looks like a "creature" if it is on the beach or in the water.

Here is the kelp with all the leaves still attached. These are what the otters love to hang on to.
 These are probably what is left standing from an old pier/dock. It looks rather mysterious and exciting standing out on the beach, like it has a story to tell.

Waiting for the bus... I get bored and take lots of pictures while I wait...
 Peeking through the trees back at the beach.

 Noticed the bush across the road. I see something red, so I zoom in...
 and zoom in some more...

 and notice the trees against the blue sky. But the bus finally does come for me and take me to Saxman Totem Park...

 I had a very nice chat with Helen. She was here from Juneau because her brother had passed away. The man with her is her cousin David.

Back in Ketchikan...
Standing on Stedman Street Bridge. There are two salmon in the water if you look closely. At least that is what the fishermen told me and I guess they would know.
Deer Mountain still has some snow on it.

The ramp down to the float, Stedman St. Bridge, and Creek St. in the background.

 Watching passengers get back on their cruise ship.

 Driftwood hangings that I like. I went to the store where I had seen them and took pictures of all of them, so I can hopefully make one when I get home. I have been collecting the driftwood.

 One of the buildings on Creek Street.

Waiting for a bus again, so I take more pictures...this time of the flowers outside the library.

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