Friday, July 22, 2011

Knudson Harbor, Settler's Cove - July 16

Herring Cove Eagles

This is the view from our picture-taking spot. No bears.

These daisies are everywhere

Heading north, we see a GARAGE SALE sign. Of course we stop!
This guy said he had inherited this house from his parents and there was so much stuff, so he was just trying to get things sorted out and get rid of some. We didn't buy anything.
This was the view from his driveway...WOW! I could live here! Imagine sitting on your deck, watching boats, float planes, and even whales go by.

We stopped at Creek Street to see if the seals were around. But the tide was so low, so there was no marine activity.

We stopped at Rosie's Fast Foods for lunch. It was not a fancy place, but the view is wonderful (we sat at picnic tables and watched the water). We spotted this boat across the water. We had delicious hamburgers. I was really naughty and had a chocolate malt! Yummy!

Heading north again.

Knudson Cove Marina

Under the water is so interesting. These are what is growing/attached to the underside edges of the docks/piers.

The kayaks add such a bright color.

There was a large school of the tiny silver fish and then along came this big fish (actually he is pretty small too).

Settler's Cove
That little bit of rock peeking out was our "lunch rock" the other day. Obviously, the tide is in.

To show the awesome zoom on this camera... The above picture is wide angle and the one below zooms in on the kids swimming in that cove. I was able to even zoom in on an individual, but the camera is too hard to hold steady at that level of zoom without a tripod or something to steady it.

Heading south again...

Views of Totem Bight Historical Park. Below is another example of the nice zoom.

Back home...the view off the deck.

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