Monday, July 11, 2011

On Ferry, Juneau's Mendenhall Glacier, Icebergs, whales and dolphins

This post and the next one are out of order. This is the second day of our trip on the ferry and the next one is our first day.

This is not finished but our computers run so slowly, so I am just going to try to upload pictures and I will come back and narrate as I can.

Good Morning! I had been up for some time and I put up one of the shades so I could watch out. Not sure when they had put the shades down as we went to sleep in a lounge with recliners. Calling them recliners is ok, but just the back reclined some. There were no foot rests. Some people spread their blankets and slept on the floor. I had noticed one man brought an air mattress--think he has done this before.
Whale! Someone spots one and everyone starts watching. This one was way in the distance. This picture is cropped and blown up to see it better. It is hard to get pictures as they come up unexpectedly and are gone again so quickly.

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