Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ketchikan, Ward Lake, Bears - July 9th

 Raven Stealing the Sun Totem Pole stands outside the library in Ketchikan.

Viewing the Ketchikan Creek from the deck behind the library.

I have been asked if I call it soda or pop. I guess it depends on where one is from. However, leave it to Alaska to solve the question...
 This sign is posted along Creek Street.

I love Creek Street. The colors even change with the mood of the day (it all depends on the sunshine).

I found these ducks floating in the harbor, trapped by a rock. I bet they had a duck race.

Most of the stores have some Alaskan icon outside to grab the attention of visitors. I love this darling killer whale.

 Some pink flowers....

 Ketchikan harbor...

 These bins, which contain kid-size life preservers, are located all around the harbors. They were around Sitka, as well.

 The Harbor Master 

In front of a business along the harbor.

The moon.... and facing the other is the sun setting.

Ward Lake has a trail all around the lake. It also has a nice picnic, shelter area with beach. On the other side of the lake is a campground. Juel and I walked through the rainforest all around the lake. It was a beautiful walk.  Here are some of the pictures...

This young boy was playing with friends along the beach.

All along the trails here and other trails through the rainforests there are these wonderful informational signs.

 These garbage bins have locks that are "bear protected."

 Salmon berries are ripening.

After Ward Lake we went to watch for bears at Herring Cove.

The eagles are perched all along the boardwalk. They wait for bears to drop pieces of any fish they might catch. This night we didn't even see the bears attempt to catch a fish. Instead they ate the lush grass along the creek. 

Belted Kingfisher

 This bear came up behind us. There were about 10 people watching the bears down by the creek. We were standing in front of our parked cars. Then there was a dirt road. This little area was just on the other side of the road. The bear did his "business" as he kept an eye on us, then turned his back and walked away.

The eagles flew in and out, but continued to perch on the boardwalk and in the surrounding trees.

Just before we were ready to leave we were rewarded with the appearance of this seal looking for salmon.

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