Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mostly the bears and eagles at Herring Cove - July 14

Schoenbar Road is the steepest street in Ketchikan. There are gates at both the top and part way up that close the street to traffic when the weather is too icy/snowy.

 Going up.

 Going back down.

Herring Cove...
The eagles are perched and waiting.

Watching and waiting for salmon.

He got one! He has no intention of sharing it, so he is off to the forest.

These two eagles followed him and they are watching...

 This is the point we watch from. There are often several people here with cameras and others just to watch. This area is raised above the creek so we have a good view and don't have to worry about the bears. Or so we thought...
This is the momma bear. She was down below with her cub. Then she went into the forest and came out here on the road, just a short ways from where we park our cars. Thankfully, she ignored us and just crossed the road.

Chasing a salmon.


 He caught a big one. The innards spilled out on the beach as he brought it in. Then the eagles swooped in and fought over them.

It is so wonderful to be able to watch these awesome creatures.

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