Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bears and Seals - July 14

 Herring Cove

Momma bear and cub

 The eagles are always watching.

Crossing the creek.

 This is where we watch from. Usually someone is sitting on the edge and the rest of us stand behind with our cars parked right behind us just off the dirt road.

 Everyone gets a good view and there are sometimes more people here than this.

Fishing for salmon.

Salmon darting past the bears.

From the bridge looking upstream to where the bears are under the boardwalk. You can't see the area where we stand to watch as it is hidden by the trees.

From the bridge looking down stream to see when the creek enters the ocean. There are people fishing down there.

This bear is just across the creek from the people fishing. There is a momma bear and a cub.

The bears head up to the road. They are looking to cross to the other side.

Rather than cross the road they come to the bridge. We are right above them. They cross under the bridge.  Don't think they could do this if the tide were not out.

Coming out on the other side of the bridge.

Creek Street

These guys look so cute peeking their noses out of the water.

For awhile there seemed to be two seals. Later we saw four together.

This commotion in the water is one seal taking off after a salmon (I assume). It chased it for some time causing quite a disturbance. I can't believe how fast these seals can move.

The back of the Creek Street sign. Alaska's wildflower is the "forget-me-not."

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